Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Recently I helped a group named Thank You Walt Disney paint the outside of the Laugh-O-Gram studios on 31st and Troost. In the first picture you can see what the studio looked like before the organization got to fixing it up. What they're doing is important to the city's history and the history of animation. They are still taking donations so head over to their website and doooooo it.


Brian said...

Hey Brandon-
Just checked your stuff out. Way cool. I'm a big animation fan & respect the art.
I came across your site doing research for the laugh-o-gram studio for a photo on my blog. Found you..checked it out. Love your styles of work.
You go to KCAI so maybe you know Eric Bacus? I played (& still do) in several bands with his dad, Rick. Anyway.. Eric is a talented guy.

That's it. Just wanted to say that I appreciate your work. It's a tough time for creatives right now. I'm a photographer.. everyone thinks they can do what I do.

Best to you, man.

Brian Turner

Brandon Waltman said...

Hey Brian! I just came across your comment. Sorry I have been way behind on keeping up with this thing. The name Eric Bacus rings a bell but I can't put a face to the name. Thanks for the kind words! And don't listen to people about the photography thing. I respect people who have a gift for it. Some people don't understand that its not just as simple as pointing and shooting.

Hope all is well and take it easy!